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Keppoch song

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44. A KEPPOCH SONG. cmo ir.
The Aberdeen folks exclaim then all,
" What shall we do? God help my saul?"
At Harlaw's village* I do halt,
Refresh my men, their hopes exalt.
Stewart, earl of Mar, with me does meet,
And quick prepares my force to greet;
Of courage bold, of council sage,
Deem'd th' bravest gen'ral of his age;
With equal numbers on his side,
And eager all th' event to bide,
In dreadful battle we engage,
And loosen every thought to rage.
'Twas the dark shade of night alone
That stopp'd the bloodiest battle known.
The morning light did next display
What numbers vast on the plain lay ;
How few on either side survive,
Fair hope to hail, or fight contrive.
Each, therefore, homeward takes his way,
And many mourn that dreadful day.
My spouse me welcomes, wails no loss,
Next I possess th' earldom of Ross.
When James at length ascends the throne,
A parliament calls — his will known ;
* Near Inverury.

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