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Keppoch song

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canto ii. A EEPPOCH SONG. 41
The news is to my spouse convey'd,
Who, being her aunt, was thus betray'd.
She now on me her wrong does press,
And craves that I obtain redress.
1 to the governor complain ;
My application is in vain.
A parli'ment of my chiefs I call ;
With them I meet in Inehgall's hall;
The hospitable rites go round,
And festive friendship does abound.
At length, when met in grave debate,
The matter I to them do state.
" Descendants, vassals, you I greet,
In courteous terms, as does seem meet;
Your rights I ever have priz'd dear,
In that, you know, the case is clear.
" When Chief-Clan Chattan was forc'd to leave
This fleeting vain world for a grave,
And left behind him a young maid,
The heiress sole to his great shade.
Did I then seek a vassal male,
Who might assist th' foe to assail ?

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