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Keppoch song

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» A KEPPOCH SONG. c*xto i.
In mournful strains to me they show
Th' extent of their disastrous woe:
Courteously I them do hear,
And for their state bid them not fear.
A meeting of my chiefs I hold ;
With eagerness the war's resolv'd ;
My friends around my standard flock,
Eager to brave the Saxon shock.
On Murray's plains my allies meet,
The Saxon force we rudely greet.
In war's conflicts each day engage,
With heroic fire our minds do rage:
But ah, alas! we vainly bleed,
The fates 'gainst us had now decreed,
That vict'ry to the Saxon foe
Should wave her wings, and us lay low.
Who can fate's stern decree reprieve?
Of Picts, alas! how few survive!
Who now from plains to mountains driv'ri,
Are by me succour'd — grants are giv'n:
Irreg'lar Avarfare still we wage,
Vengeance thirst on them to assuage.
'* Like torrents from the hills we sweep
Their plains,"— their flocks as booty keep.
Though, to check this plund'ring toil,
The Saxon hails me Thane of Argyle:

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