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Keppoch song

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canto h A KEPPOCH SONG. 27
While thus my state I do repair,
And for my people's welfare care.
An embassy the Saxon sends,
To me the olive he extends ;
In regal pomp they do me hail*,
And with fair speech they do prevail:
I them receive with regal state,
And courteously I do them treat:
With honour send them to the shore,
And think of Saxon foe no more,
The Saxons now in strength increase,
From wars with Picts they do not cease;
The strife pursue on Pictish ground,
Victorious breaking o'er each mound;
The capital at length they take,
Northward the Picts themselves betake.
The Saxon bands their course pursue,
And at each halt the wars renew;
At length, when driv'n to Norway's bound,
A last effort the Picts do sound ;
They to me an embassy send,
Join'd with Norway their path to tend;
* Statistical Account of Hay.

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