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Keppoch song

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canto i. A KEPPOCH SONG. Si
His eye in ire he casts around,
And mighty deeds do now abound:
The deeds recorded in the song,
The Sumerleds — my battle strong;
With ardour burn, with glory fir'd,
And love of conquest them inspir'd;
The mighty prize, for sov'reign pow'r,
Heroic minds can life abjure;
Aided at length by Norway's force,
I follow now fair vict'ry's course;
The Saxon king in battle lies,
Of his wounds in a few days dies :
As king o'er the col'nies twain,
With sov'reign sway, I twelve years reign.
Friends I reward, and grants I give*,
Each Highland clan hails, Lang may we live ;
But Cratlinth, Findoch's son, makes head,
The Saxon force retrieves with speed;
* Donald Bane gave a grant of the Isle of Lewis, the Isles
of Orkney and Zetland, to the Norwegians, for the assistance
they gave him at this time, which were afterwards restored
to Scotland, as the dowry of Margaret of Norway. Of this
descent is Macleod of Macleod. The writer's circumstances
do not admit of his having a collection of books, and he does
not pretend to have a correct, or tenacious memory; but from
a faint recollection of what he has read, he is inclined to
think, that the Norwegians, in consequence of grants from
the above Donald Bane, were in possession also of Caithness

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