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Agnews of Lochnaw

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grand fete on this same Black Loch. In accordance with his
orders, on a certain Sunday his whole family was there as-
sembled excepting one daughter, who was unable to join the
party. The revels were at their height, when suddenly the ice
gave way, and the old sinner was plunged himself into the dark
waters and perished miserably, with all his family, only except-
ing the one young lady, who, having thus narrowly escaped the
same fate, shortly after married one of the M'Cullochs.
In 1330 it is probable that Sir Malcolm Fleming had
extensive possessions in Wigtownshire. In 1341 he was
created Earl of Wigtown, and was granted a Eegality Jurisdic-
tion conveying very extensive powers and privileges within the
In Sorby was the residence of the chief of the House of
Hannay, or Ahannay, a native race who were considerable land-
owners in the province. The name, written Gilbert de Hanneth,
appears on the Eagman Eoll.
On the Loch of Dowalton there was a castle, which at this
time belonged to the M'Dowalls, whence its name ; and Cruggle-
ton Castle, also in Sorby parish, frowned from its lofty position
over the estuary of the Cree ; it is a doubtful point whether or
not it was then again in the possession of the Kerlies.
Wigtown Castle was then also in existence, and is believed
to have been held as a royal garrison ; but very few notices of it
have been preserved.
Besides the M'Dowalls, the M'Cullochs, and Ahannays ; the
Mackies and the M'Clellans were also two powerful native
Galloway families, whose properties lay principally in Kirkcud-
bright, but both of whom, at various and in very early times,
held lands in Wigtownshire.
Of the Mackies, the house of Larg, which became the most
prominent of the name, had been founded but a few years before
1330 under very romantic circumstances.
Eobert Bruce, having been defeated by the English in Carrick,
fled with barely 300 followers to the neighbourhood of Loch
Dee. Whilst lurking here amongst the wild scenery of the

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