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King's army, and three suits yearly at the Court of the Sheriff of
Forfar; and that, on that finding, the King renewed his charters."*
Murthill had passed from the Lindsays some time before
1377, for of that date Malcome de Ramsay of Auchterhouse,
gave charters of Morthyll, and the tenement of Kinalty to Hew
Lyell,t in which family Murthill continued till at least Guynd's
time, circa 1682.
xfFgfe Jftorttfi'catlon.— (Page 112J
Besides gifting a bell to Navar, Mr. John Fyfe, Minister of
that parish, also mortified the sum of a thousand marks Scots,
or about £55 lis. l^d. sterling, " for the maintenance of ane
student at the Theologic Colledge of St. Andrews ; and whensoever
that occasion could not be hade of a student standing in need y r of,
he appointed the said annuel rent to be employed for helping
sum poor mens' children to be educat at the gramer schoole of
Brechin ; and in speciall, that if any of his freinds and relationes
stood in need y r of, these to be preferred before any vther."|
The first person whom we have found taking advantage of
this excellent mortification, was the Rev. Mr. Robert Noray of
Lethnot, who, on shewing " his mean condition and inabilitie to
educat his two sones at school and colledge," had a grant of
the life-rent of the money, by consent of the Bishop and minis-
ters^ This occurred in 1663, and his example was followed, for
a long time, by many others ; but by some oversight, the grant
fell into disuitude, till revived a few years ago.
Note to page 186, line 15.
The wife of Alexander Lindsay of the Vayne, was named Elizabeth Bethune, as
appears from charters of the lands of Skyne (Scryne), and Vayne, dated respectively
31st Aug. 1547, and 1st April 1550. — (Information received from Lord Lindsay
since the notice of Feme ivas printed). Perhaps Elizabeth was a daughter of
Cardinal Beaton, and sister to Margaret Beaton, who was married to the son of the
"Wicked Master" of Crawford.
« Bibl. Sari. 4G28, MSS. Brit. Mas.— Copied by P. Chalmers, Esq., of Aldbar.
t Robertson's Index. t Presby. Bee. of Brechin, fol. 53. § Ibid., fol. 9.

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