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the residence of Edward I., both on his going and returning from the North in 1296,
and the scroll of Baliol's resignation was prepared therein. Perhaps the last
charter dated therefrom is one to Thomas Rait, by Robert II., in 1383, when he had
certain portions of Lumgair from that king.
Kincardine was the seat of the County Courts down to James VI.'s time. It
was then a place of considerable importance, with a church and market. The
churchyard is still preserved ; and the fair, which was removed to Fettercairn at the
transference of the Courts to Stonehaven, is known by the name of St. Marls, to
whom the old kirk of Kincardine may have been dedicated. A cross of hewn stone,
gifted to Kincardine by the Earl of Middleton, bearing his arms and initials,
" E : I : M,"and date " 1670," is still at Fettercairn. It ought to be mentioned, that
the preservation of the ruins of the Palace and the old kirk is owing to the praise-
worthy conduct of the present Sir John Stuart Forbes of Fettercairn, who, on
hearing of stones being taken from the Palace to fill drains, put an immediate and
effectual stop to the sacrilegious proceeding.
The following Inventory of the Furniture in the Castle of Finhaven, in the time
of the "false Carnegy" (ut sup., pp. 161-2) jy ) tvas printed in the Dundee
Advertiser of June 6, 1851 (minus interpolations J, as from the original in
possession of the late John Wedderourne, Esq., Auchterhouse. It gives a good
idea of the comforts and luxuries of the landed gentlemen of the period : — ■
Octo. 27, 1712. Ane inventar of ye ffurniture of ye Houss of Phinhaven as
Imp. In ye skool chamber two bedsteads and a bairns table.
2 It. In ye rid roume a standing bed wt rid hangings, a straw palliace [mat-
tress], a ffether bed, a bolster, three pair of blankets, a pillow, on chamber pott of
pewter, a chamber box, six rid chairs, a table.
3 It. In ye pentted roume a bedstead wt green hangings, a straw palliace, a
fether bed, a bolster, two old down pillows, three pair of blankets, a green cloath
upon the bed, a peuter chamber pott, six green chairs, a table and green cloath
upon it, the roume hung wt green hennings, a box and a pan.
4 It. In ye gold collured roume a bed hung wt gold coullered hanngins, a tuar-
delie, a straw palliace, a ffether bed, a bolster, tuo pillous, a quilt above the ffether,
bed, four pair of blankets, a silk quilt, tuo learn [earthenware ?J chamber pots, seven
gold coullered chairs, a glass, a table and tuo stands, the roume hung wt gold coul.
lered hangins, ane jorn chumlow, wt toaings, chuffle [tongs and shovelj, and purring
jorn [poker].
5 It. In ye closet a bed wt yellow hangins, a ffether bed, a bolster, a pillow,
tuo pair of blankets, a yeellow cowring, a carpit chair, a box and a pan in ye closet,
and hung wt yeallow hangings.
6 It. In ye great roume a bed, a straw palliace, a ffether bed, a bolster, a silk
quilt, a lame chamber pott, two pillowes, three pair of blankets, seven green chairs,

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