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We undersubscryvand testifle that we haue takin the oathis of the pairties and
witnesses above writtin concerning the particularis of the losses given in be the
foirsaid persones.
George Straton David Levingstoune
T. Lindsay notar Jhone Lyons J. Gouthrie
clerk heirto J. Ross Jhone Symmer
The following is the deliverance on the above :
"Aberdene 19 October 1646.
The Comitttee of moneyis and process for the north considering the conditione of
Robert Arbuthnott of Findawrie in the burning and wasting of his haill landis within
the schrefdome of fforfar done and occasioned by the rebells, doe thairfor suspend
all payt of maintenance for the saidis landis of the said schyre, Wliill order be
gevine be parliament or thair comitties respecte. for uplifting thairof, Inhibiting and
discharging in the mean tyme, the collectors of the maintenance within the said
schyre frome all troubling or molesting of the said Robert Arbuthnott or his tenents
J. Btjrghly, I. P. D. Com."
Letter from Mr. J. Bait, Aberluthnot (Maryhirh) to the laird of Findowrie, on
supplying a Vacancy in the Church of Menmuir in 1642.
" Richt Honoble Sir
I heir the kirk of Menmuir is vacand If ye think it expedient my sone Mr.
Wm. wold offer his trevellis ther. He hes an inclination to come furth and
fears if we get not him setled besyde ws at home he be drawn furth to setill in the
north pairtes qlk I wold not desyr for monie causes Alwyis Sr if ye think it a
thing liklie ye may use yor moyen (interest) I know ze have a straik (sway) of
all ye parochineris Quhan ye come to ye Mearnis I wold wis ze cam yis way and
wisit me qn we shall confer at griter lynth Committing yow and all yours to ye
tuition of God almichtie Remenis
Yor assured cussing to serve yow
Aberlnthnot, Aprilis 1642. Ma. J. Rait."
No. IX.— Page 266.
Expense of Burning a Witch, a.d. 1649, from Arnot's Criminal Trials, p. 392. —
This account, ivhich is printed here merely to shew the great expense ivhich was
incurred by the burning of witches, is a voucher of a payment made by Alex.
Louddon, factor on the estate of Burncastle, the proprietor being then a minor
and infant. It is entered in the factor s boohs thus : —
' Mair for Margarit Dunhome the time sche was in prison, and was put to death,
065 : 14 : 4.'
Count gifin out be Alexander Louddon in Lylstoun, in ye yeir of God 1649, yeiris,
for Margrit Dollmoune in Burncastell.
Item, in the first to W m . Currie and Andrew Gray for the watch-
ing of hir ye space of 30 days, inde ilk day xxx sh. inde . xlv lib Scotts
Item mair to Jo n Kinked for brodding of her . . . vi lib Scotts

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