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Bodwell, Monteith, Prefton, Sandilands, Biffart, Fowlis, Wardlaw, Max-
well, Rols, &c. ; part from France, as Forfar, Bofwell, Montgomery,
Bodwell, Montith, Boys, Campbell, Betoun, Murray, Warwin, Telfer.
Amongft the laft, was one Sir William Sinclare, fecoud fone to Wol-
donius or Wildernus, in France, whofe mother was daughter to Duke
Richard, a man well proportion 1 d in all his members, of midle ftature,
faire of face, yellow haird, furnam'd the Seemly, whom King Malcolm
made cupbearer to his Queen. The gentleman haveing ferv'd fometime
att Court, defir'd liberty to vifit his parents, which was granted ; and
after fometime fpent with them, returns loadned with prefents, which he
prefented to the King and Queen. The gifts were well accepted of, and
he, by his liberality, winning preferment, married Dorothe, as fome fay
Agnas Dunbar, daughter to Patrick firft Earle of Marche, or as fome
writters have, fifth Earle of Marche, and obtain d the Barony of Rofline,
fo calFd, becaufe it reprefents ane peninfule, being environd almoft on all
fides with water. After this he was made Wardin of the Southern
Marches, in defending wherof he was kilfd. He begat, upon his Lady,
a fone nam'd Henry, who liv'd in the Conqueror s days, and in whofe time
Malcolme the third was kilPd by Percy. This Henry got of the King
and Queen, Rofline, in free heritage, with the Barony of Pithland. He
married Rofabell, or, as fome fay, Kathrine, daughter to Forteith, Earle of
Strathern : he was of a free nature, and candid in his thoughts and words,
very wife and more given to ftudie warre than peace, for which rare
qualities, he was intrufted with the militarie commands. He was dub-
bed knight by King Malcolme, and left to fucceed him a fonne named
alfo Henry, who is fuppofed to have foughten the battle of Allertown,
where the Englifh army was rooted under the reign of Saint David. He
outlived King Malcolme, and died under King William, by whom he
was fent embaffador towards Henry King of England, to redemand
Northumberland in name of the Scots. He receaved from David the
Firft, the lands of Carden and the command of 8000 men afoot, as

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