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Slezer has given a view of the Chapel,, plate liv. with a minute description.
A diminutive outside south view was engraved for Auld's Weekly Maga-
An original outline sketch unfinished, south view of Roslin Castle by J.
Alexander, anno 1706, is in Mr. Paton's possession.
Alexander Runeiman outlined the same, from the south, with the Bridge,
which has one arch thrown over a deep hollow of above 100 feet high, and
has been the only entrance into the Castle in former times.
Roslin Castle. Pennant, vol. ii. p. 32.
View of it from the north and south. Cowan del. and sculp. John
Ainslie, exc.
Captain Armstrong has a view of Roslin Castle as an ornament to his map
of the Lothians ; but it is quite fanciful, having no real representation of that
To this List may be added the following Engravings, which
have been published since the date of Gough's work : —
Grose, in his Antiquities of Scotland,* has a wretched engraving of the
Chapel and Castle. " Published, January 9th, 1 789, by J. Hooper. Sparrow,
sc." 4to, and p. 47, a print of the Castle, drawn and engraven by the above-
named persons. This view shews the south-west view of the Castle. It is a
very poor affair.
Roslin Castle. — Walker, del. Jewkes, sculp. Edin. 1 797-
Cardonnelt has two etchings of the Castle. The first view is from the
south, and the second gives an inside view of part of the north wall of the
Rosslyn Castle from the Esk. Ensign Erskine, del. D. Blackmore Pyet,
sculp. 4to.
* Vol. i. p. 45.
•f Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland Loll. 17815, and 93, 8vo and 4to.

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