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1774. 12mo. With a south view of the Chapel. J. Johnson,
del." These extracts had previously been inserted in the Edin-
burgh Magazine for January 1761, with a view of the interior
of the chapel, by " A. Bell." This tract forms the ground-
work of a similar production by the late eccentric David Web-
ster, and of an " Historical and Descriptive Account of Rosslyn
Chapel and Castle," with eight engravings. Edinburgh, 1825.
Gough, in his Topography, (upon the authority of George
Paton) observes, " Mr. Richard Augustine Hay, in his MS.
Collections, mentioned before, has on one sheet five views of
Roslin Castle ; the chartulary of Roslin, and views of its beau-
tiful Chapel from the west and south-west, each in one sheet,
drawn with a pen. These are all well executed, and cannot be
later than 1700, as the title-page of this volume bears date that
year."* This notice relative to the beautiful pen and ink
drawings, is not altogether so accurate as might have been ex-
pected, for, besides the large sheet containing the five views of
the Castle, which has now, for the first time, been engraved,
there are four views of the exterior of the Chapel, two of which
have also been engraved for this work.
The following List of Engravings, &c. of the Castle and Cha-
pel has also been given by Gough : — f
Andrew Bell's design of the inside of the Chapel in Mr. Paton's custody, is
better than his etching that accompanies v Mr. Forbes' description of it.
* Vol. ii. p. 681. Lond. 1780. 4 to. t Vol. ii. p. 682. ib. 1780. 4to.

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