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Stuart dynasty

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Preface to the Second Edition. ix
I have to thank the writer of the review in the Athenseum
for pointing out some clerical slips and minor errors ; from
which I trust this edition will be free. A word of defence
must he uttered as to the genealogical sheet. The republished
slceleton Pedigree does not pretend to be an exhaustive record
of the whole race of Stuarts, but an aid to the genealogy of
the sovereigns of that line, showing, also, the family connec-
tion with the House of Brunswick.
A word in conclusion concerning the future publication of
documents at Windsor which deal with the Rebellion of
1745. So many have been the public suggestions that my
work should be extended in this direction, that I have made a
preliminary search, and am convinced that although both the
late Lord Stanhope's ' History ' and Browne's ' History of the
Highlands,' contain documents culled from the unique
collection in Her Majesty's possession, the romantic story of
Charles Edward Stuart's venture might be further elucidated
by the production of his unpublished letters, together with
a few more of his father's, as well as those of their adherents.
Battersea Rise, S.W.,
December 1890.

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