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Erskine Halcro genealogy

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(37) Genealogical chart -
1674 married the Rev. Henry Erskine of Chirnside, a younger son of Ralph
of the Founders of the Secession Church in Scotland, and of his brother the
lesignates in the deed entailing the estate of Halcro executed by the Rev. Hugh
)rkney, in 1544, and registered at the Great Seal Office, 30th April 1545.
(2/2) Edward Halcro, alive in 1577.
(3/2) William Halcro of Aikers, died before 16 18.
See P. R. S. 23rd June 1618.
f 3)HuGH Halcro of Aikeris,
married, 1619, to Margaret
Stewart, sister of Stewart of
Barscube in Renfrewshire,
his sister (4/5) having mar-
ried Bernard Stewart.
(4/4) Patrick Halcro
in Weir, married, De-
cember 1620, to Helen
Erskine, a daughter
of Erskine of Dun, in
(4/S) Halcro, only daugh-
ter, married Bernard or Bar-
nard Stewart, brother-german
to the Laird of Barscube in
Renfrewshire, cousin of the
Lennox Darnley Stewarts.
k) Harrie Halcro of (5/4) Hugh Halcro in Weir,
likens, married Jean married his cousin Margaret
Halcro (5/2). Stewart (5/5), and died before
1666. I
(5/5) Margaret Stewart,
married her cousin Hugh
Halcro (5/4).
4) William Halcro, eldest
son, alive in 1676, was infeft in
:he estate of Cruik.
(6/5) Margaret Halcro, born about 1647, married
at Dryburgh in 1674 to the Rev. Henry Erskine,
a younger son of Ralph Erskine of Shielfield, and
died in 1725. I
(7/1) The Rev. Ebenezer Erskine
of Stirling, 1680-1754. See Erskine
Genealogy, Table I.
(7/2) The Rev. Ralph Erskine
of Dunfermline, 1685-1752.

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