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History of the Clan MacLean from its first settlement at Duard Castle, in the Isle of Mull, to the present period

(45) Page 39 - MacLeans as vassals of the Lords of the Isles, from A.D. 1363 to A.D. 1493

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(45) Page 39 - MacLeans as vassals of the Lords of the Isles, from A.D. 1363 to A.D. 1493
Vassals of the Lords of the Isles — 1365 to 1493. 39
causes of which have not been preserved. Hector was the founder of the
house of Lochbuy and that of Urquhart, in Inverness, which for several cen-
turies was one of great power.
V. Lachlan Lubanacli, Fifth Chief of MacLean.
The date of the beginning of Lachainn Liibanach as fifth cliief of Mac-
Lean, and successor to his fatlier, John Dubh, is not known. It, in all prob-
ability, antedates 1365. His feuds with the MacDougalls and Camerons were
during that period after he became chief. John, First Lord of the Isles,
lived until 1386, when he was succeeded by his son Donald. Under the
Second Lord of the Isles, Lachlan took due precaution to liave his
lands confirmed by charter, which occurred in 1390, as already noticed on
page 29. He had five sons, Hector, his successor in Duard, John, Lachlan,
Neil, and Somerled. He lived to a great age ; the date of his death is not
known, but it must have been before 1405, for on January 28th, of that year,
at Dundonald, Hector was a witness to a charter confirmed by the king in
favor of James Kennedy. \_Registruvi Magni Sigilli, Lib. IV., No. 56.] Lach-
lan Lilbanach is genei'ally regarded as the first MacLean of Duard. Tliis is
doubtless owing to the fact that the oldest recorded charter in existence is in
his favor. But that does not imply that he was the first possessor.
THE Macleans as vassals of the lords of THE ISLES.
From a. d. 1365 to a. d. 1493.
This period, which may be denominated the second, probably begins with
the marriage of Lachlan Lubanach with the Lady Margaret MacDonald, for
at that time it is known he came into possession of territory belonging to the
First Lord of the Isles. Perhaps a clearer and happier choice would fix it
in 1390, when the charter from Donald was secured. As the history of Lach-
lan was set forth in the previous chapter, it is now necessary to proceed to
the chieftainship of his son and successor, who appears in the annals as —
VI. Eachann Ruadh nan Oath, Sixth Chief of MacLean,
Or Red Hector of the Battles. He is sometimes called Hector Rufus
Bellicosus, and also Hector Roy. He early distinguished himself by daring

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