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Table of Contents. vii
Sir -Donald again in rebellion — Deceives MaoLean and MacLeod, who attempt to ar-
rest him — -Petitions of Argyle and Lachlan — Decision in regard to Loclibuy and Mac-
Leod — Lachlan's petition treated with severity by historians — The facts stated — Ar-
gyle's character — MacLean and MacLeod respited — King's lands in Mull and Mor-
vern — Lachlan commissioned to arm his tenants — Lachlan's remission — Precept for
lands of Tiree — Letter in favor of Alexander MacLean and Alexander MacLeod —
Episode of the Lady's Rock — Version by Gregory, by legendary account, and by
Pennycross MS — Lachlan marries daughter of Achinbreck — Marries Marian, daugh-
ter of Treshnish — Sons of — Lives at Cairnburg — Obtains cliarter— Procures letters of -
protection — Murdered by John Campbell^Duplicity of Argyle — Murder of Lachlan
avenged — Argyle's distress — Hector MacLean and other chiefs submit — Hostages —
Argyle deprived of certain powers — Hector Mor, twelfth chief in 1527 — Noble con-
duct of — -Private character — Receives king's protection — Feud between Duard and
Lochbuy — James V. visits Western Isles witli a fleet — Chiefs of Clan MacDonald visit
him — Seizes Hector Mor and other chieftains — Terms extorted — Death of James V.
— Rebellion of Donald Dubh in 1543 — Negotiations with Lennox — Statement made
by chiefs — Illiteracy of— King of England sends money to the Isles— Oath of alle-
giance to England — Death of Donald Dubh — MacLeans oppose James MacDonald's
pretensions- — Argyle orders a force against Hector Mor — Action of Campbell of Dun-
troon — Argyle visits Duard — Double marriage — Hector Og weds Janet Campbell —
Estrangement of clans — Feud between Duard and Coll in 1561 — Injustice to Coll —
Dispute with MacDonald of Islay — Beginning of a long and bloody feud — Action of
Privy Council — Hector Mor assigns his estates to Hector Og — Lands of Ardgour — Of
Ulva — Charter to Janet Campbell — Donald Monro's description of Western Isles —
Duard castle — Additions made by Hector Mor — Aros castle — Hector Mor's marriage
and sons — Daughters of — Story of Ailean nan Sop — Death of — Sons of— Patrick Mac-
Lean — Hector Og, thirteenth chief — A spendthrift — Agreement with John Dubh —
Son and daughters of — Sir Lachlan Mor, fourteenth chief — Character of — Testimony
of Spottiswoode, Blaokie, Skene, Gregory, and Tytler — Educated in Edinburgh — At-
tempt to deprive him of his estates — Complaint against Argyle — Rights his wrongs —
Argyle's advantage— Lachlan visits Edinburgh — Proposed marriage with Athol's
daughter — W'eds daughter of Glencairn — Feud breaks out with MacDonald of Islay
— Peace declared — Angus weds sister of Lachlan — ^l^eud renewed in 1585 — Cause of
— League of the MacDonalds — Desperate straits of the MacLeans — King interferes
— Angus imprisoned in Duard castle — Released — Spottiswoode's version — Treachery
of Angus — MacLeans beheaded — Escape of Lachlan — John Dubh beheaded — Sum-
mary vengeance of son of — Lachlan's vengeance — Islay ravaged — MacDonalds com-
bine — Mull invaded — Signal service of Borreray — Flight of MacDonalds — Exaspera-
tion of — Land on Bachca — -Defeat of — King interferes — Maclan of Ardnamurchan —
Weds mother of Lachlan — Unfortunate quarrel — MacDonalds slaughtered — Maclan
imprisoned — Petition of— Arrival of the I'lorida — Agreement between Lachlan and
Spanish captain — Rum, Eig, Canna, and Muck ravaged — Mingarry castle beseiged —
Treachery of S[:ianish captain — Donald Gorm MacLean — Destruction of the Florida
— Tales of — Feud with MacDonalds unabated — King interferes — Lachlan and Angus
brought to trial — Extracts from official records — Remission to Lachlan in 1588 — De-
scription of Western Isles in 1590 — Lachlan's expedition to Ireland in 1591 — Har
mony between MacLeans and MacDonalds — Regarded with disfavor at court — Lach.
Ian summoned — Rebellion of Huntly, Angus, and Errol — Battle of Glenlivat — Lle-
roic conduct of Lachlan Mor — Testimony of Tytler, Gregory, Scott, Spottiswoode,
Browne, Keltic, Cronib, and others — Conduct of Loohnell — Lachlan enlists in the
cause of England — Tytler's account of — Queen Elizabeth enlists Lachlan's forces —
His power over the Islesmen — Lachlan disbands his forces — The fleet of the Isles-

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