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marries daughter of earl of Douglas — Hector's faithfulness — Expedition of the
Lord of the Isles — Checked by Angus Dhu — Battle of Harlaw — Hector
slain — Buried at lona — -Anniversary of MacLeans. and Irvins — Lachlan Bron-
nach, seventh chief — Prisoner at Harlaw — M^i'ries daughter of earl of Mo-
ray — Warlike character of — Treachery of James I. — Imprisonment and mur-
der of Highland chiefs — Vengeance of Alexander, third Lord of the Isles — In-
verness burned — Royal army summoned — Alexander surprised — Deserted by Cam-
erons and Clanchattan — Surrenders and imprisoned — Lachlan imprisoned — Rebell-
ion of Donald Ealloch — Royal army defeated at Inverlochy — Donald flees to Ireland
— King comes to Dunstaffnage — Wholesale executions— A great pestilence — Lach-
lan MacLean and Murdoch Gibson ravage Lennox — Death of Lachlan — Marriages of
— Sons of — Demands of Donald MacLean — Slays MacMaster — Takes Ardgour and be-
comes first laird of — Neil MacLean, first of Lehire and Ross — Demands of John
Garbh — Receives Coll- — Imprisons Clanranald — Warlike character — Deprived of his
castle — Goes to Ireland — Frees the laird of MacLeod — Slays MacNeil— -Again res-
cues MacLeod — Lachlan Og, eighth chief — Fourth Lord of the Isles — Treason of —
Purchased by Edvfard IV. of England — Rebellion of, suppressed — Commission of
earl of Argyle against — Sues for pardon and despoiled of certain lands — Rare judg-
ment of Lachlan MacLean — Marries Argyle's daughter — Argyle's unkindness — Lach-
lan's heirs — Marriage — Daughters of — Charter to Celestine MacDonald — Witnesses
charters — Charter to John Davidson^Hector Odhar, ninth chief — Rebellion of An-
gus MacDonald — MacLeans loyal to the Lord of the Isles — Expeditions against An-
gus — Battle of Bloody Bay — Lord of Isles and Hector Odhar prisoners — Feud be-
tween Kenneth MacKenzie and MacDonald of Lochalsb — Kenneth's cruelty to his
wife — Church at Contin burned — -Battle of the Park — Death of Lachlan MacLean
— Heroic conduct of — Duncan Mor — Final forfeiture of the Lord of the Isles — Mac-
Leans divided into four principal septs. ..... 39-55
Thh: M.\cLeans Become an Independent Cl.^n.
fro.m a. d. 149.3 to a. d. 159s.
Laudable object of the king — Corresponds with principal chiefs — Effective measures of —
Court at Mingarry castle — Submission of chiefs — Imprisons chief of MacKenzie and
young Macintosh — Strong measures by lords of council — Chiefs commanded to be
peaceable— ^Feud between MacLeans and Camerons — Possession of lands of Lochiel
in dispute — MacLeans carry off cattle — Perfidy of the king — Argyle lieutenant of
the Isles — Inhabitants expelled — Argyle enriched — Rebellion of Donald Dhu — Im-
prisoned forty years — The throne shaken — Clans united — -Country ravaged — Efforts
of the king — Confederacy broken up — ^Submission of the chief of MacLean — Other
chiefs submit — Some remain in rebellion — Rebellion suppressed — Rights maintained
— Donald again prisoner for forty years — Feud between MacLeans and Camerons
again breaks out — Feud between the MacLeans of Duard and Lochbuy — Uncertain
point in the history — Facts stated — Defects in the records — Death of Hector Odhar
prior to 1500— A suppressed chief — Evidence concerning Lachlan, the suppressed
chief — Recognized by official archives — Testimony of Tytler and Keltie — Discrep-
ancies — Reasons for suppressing — Possessions inherited by Laclilan — Popularity of
James IV. — Summons the whole array of his kingdom — Battle of Flodden — Lachlan
MacLean slain at — Lachlan Catanach, eleventh chief — Difficulties involved in his
history — Meaning of Catanach — A great chieftain — Leads the rebellion of Donald
Gallda — Captures Cairnburg and Dunskaich — Sir Donald proclaimed Lord of the
Isles — Efforts at suppression — Rebellion suppressed — Lachlan receives remission —

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