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■who was Bishop of Chichester in 1330, and died in 1385,
leaving a son by the same name, who was Bishop of Chiches-
ter, Sussex County, in 1369. John, son of William and
Margaret, was Rector of St. Michael's in Norwich in 1393,
and died in 1395.
Thomas of Redydale, the son of Galfrinus, had a son of
the same name, who was living in 1429, and had a son
Thomas, who possessed an estate at Heddington, Oxon, and
married Christiana, daughter of Robert James Lapole,
and sister of Michael De Lapole, Lord Chancellor. This
Lapole Family constituted some of the worthless favorites to
whom, as historians say, the king delivered himself up.
The true interpretation probably is, that the Lapole Family
were not of noble birth, and were on that account obnoxious
to the nobility, who contrived to make them unpopular with
the common people. Sensible of the value of their services,
King" Richard, in order to save them, stooped in vain to such
acts as were considered ignoble in a prince. They were
attainted, and condemned to suffer as traitors ; and, though
one of Lapole's associates was hung at Tyburn, Lapole found
means of escape to the Continent, and much of his effects
passed into the hands of his son-in-law, instead of the public
treasury. This name of De Lapole is understood to be the
same as that of Pool in America ; persons of this name
being numerous in Weymouth, Taunton, and other places
in Massachusetts.
Thomas of Redydale had also an Edmond, who was the
owner of an estate at Heddington. Thomas and Christiana
also had John, who was Mayor of Norwich in 1388. The
latter had an Edward, who married Isiod Stanley; and they
had John ; Bartholomew, who was Mayor of London in
1502 ; Robert, who was Lord Chief-Justice of the King's
Bench ; and William, who was Professor of Divinity. Mayor
John likewise had a son Henry, who was patron of Clothell

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