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seek an asylum in the wilds of Europe, and, by superior
skill, flattery, and strategem, or by marriage, to work them-
selves into the good graces of the barbarous tribes among
whom they sought shelter : as was the case with Dido, the
Carthaginian queen, wbo fled from her oppressive brother
Pygmalion, the King of Tyre, after he had murdered her
husband ; or like JEneas, who, after the sacking and de-
struction of Troy, sought a place of settlement, and finally
presented his suit to Latinus, the King of the Latins, for
the hand of Lavinia, his only daughter, — by that alliance
becoming successor to the throne of his father-in-law, and
ancestor to the founder of the Roman Empire.
Many more instances might be named where vanquished
rulers became refugees among an uncivilized and barbarous
people, and worked their way into power by dint of su-
perior skill or valor : as Cecrops, the founder of Athens ;
Cadmus the Phoenician, who inti'oduced alphabetic writing
into Greece, and founded Thebes in Boeotia ; Danaus, the
founder of Argos ; Pelops the Phrygian, whose descendants,
intermarrying with those of Tyndareus, King of Lacedas-
mon, acquired the ascendency in Greece.
About fourteen hundred years before the Christian era,
Teucer, a native of Crete (now Candia), led, in time of fa-
mine, a company to a promontory on the shore of the
Hellespont, and became the founder of the Trojans. He
introduced the worship of Cybele, who, according to hea-
then mythology, was the mother of the gods ; and gave to
the mountains of Phrygia the name of Ida, from a moun-
tain by that name in Crete ; and to many other locations
Cretan names, among which was Miletus, — a city so called,
as tradition says, from Miletus, the son of Apollo, but pro-
bably from a city of that name in the island. The goddess
was called Cybele from Mount Cybele in Phrygia, and was
believed to be the common parent of all the inhabitants of

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