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Experiences of the Great War

The end of the war

The end of the First World War came in 1918.

In March, the Germans broke through to the Marne, but their advance was then halted 30 miles from Paris. In August, an Allied victory at Amiens was the first in a series of victories for General Haig and the Allies which led to the eventual defeat of the German Army on the Western Front.

The United States, which had joined the Allies in 1917, began to send in large numbers of troops in June 1918. Although they did not take part in serious fighting until the very last days of the war, their arrival had a tremendous morale-boosting effect on the other Allies.

An armistice was eventually signed on 11 November 1918.

The General's diary

5 November 1918

'Today there was very little opposition, and our troops were able to get forward at a rapid pace'

Other experiences