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Experiences of the Great War

Haig and university life

Douglas Haig attended Brasenose College, Oxford, from 1880 to 1883. He enjoyed an active social life. The photo shows him and fellow students at Brasenose College.

It was while at Oxford that Haig first decided to keep a diary. This is his first entry:

'February 1883.
Having oftentimes heard of the advantages to be derived from keeping a diary I was determined to keep one — The difficulty is having a good day to begin upon — I think it is as well to start from the 19th day of last June upon which day I was 21, and put down as many events as I can remember with accuracy which happened from then until this day — …

'Saturday 17th June 1882.
I played at Hurlingham at polo for Oxford University v: Cambridge — the team consisted of —
1. Harry Portman. Captain
2. Jack Cator
3. Goslyn
4. Charrington. and self.'

Other experiences