Hand-written letter

Page of a letter of Alexander Monro to John Mackenzie of Delvine, 27 April 1691.
[National Library of Scotland reference: MS.1393, f.177]

Letter about a gift of golfing equipment

Alexander Monro writes in 1691 to his friend John Mackenzie about a gift of golfing equipment from St Andrews.



Receive from the bearer our post ane Sett of Golfe-clubs consisting of three, viz. an play club, ane Scraper, and ane tine fac'd club. I might have made the set to consist of more: but I know not your play and if you stand in need of more I think you should call for them from me. Tho I know you may be served thear yet I presumed that such a present from this place the metropolis of Golfing may not be unsuitable for these fields especially when it's come from a friend. Upon the same consideration I have also sent you ane Dozen of Golfe balls, which receive with the clubs. I am told they are good, but that will prove according to your play and the fields. If the size do not suite, were you so free with me I would mend it with the next. I am glad to have any occasion to kisse your hands at a distance. And to subscribe myselfe still

St Andrews 27 April 1691

Youre faithfull and most humble servant
Al[exander] Monro'

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