'Elegy on Maggie Johnstone who died Anno 1711...' printed lament.

Extract from Allan Ramsay's poem 'Elegy on Maggy Johnston', printed in 1711.
[National Library of Scotland reference: F5.b.9]

Elegy on Maggy Johnston, golfers' landlady

Allan Ramsay's poem of 1711 laments the death of Maggy Johnston, landlady of a popular Bruntsfield Links tavern in Edinburgh.

Like others at the time, Sir John Foulis of Ravelston and his cronies habitually visited taverns after playing golf.

Often golfers were given a room in an inn, and the landlord stored or hired out golfing equipment.


'Elegy on Maggy Johnston
Who died Anno 1711

'Auld Reeky, mourn in sable hue,
Let fouth of tears dreep like May dew;
To braw Tiponny bid adieu,
Which we with greed
Bended as fast as she cou'd brew,
But ah! she's deid!

'To tell the truth now Maggy dang,
Of customers she had a bang;
For lairds and souters all did gang,
To drink bedeen,
The barn and yard was aft sae thrang
We took the green.'

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