Page from book, starting 'O thou Golfina'.

Page 4 of Thomas Mathison's poem 'The Goff', published in 1743.
[National Library of Scotland reference: RB.s.1405]

'The Goff' page 4

These lines from page 4 of Thomas Mathison's golf poem 'The Goff' are a plea for support from 'Golfinia', the goddess of golfing.


'O thou GOLFINIA, Goddess of these plains,
Great Patroness of GOFF, indulge my strains;
Whether beneath the thorn-tree shade you lie,
Or from Mercerian tow'rs the game survey,
Or, round the green the flying ball you chase,
Or make your bed in some hot sandy face:
Leave your much lov'd abode, inspire his lays
Who sings of GOFF, and sings thy fav'rit's praise.
North from Edina [Edinburgh] eight furlongs and more,
Lies that fam'd field, on Fortha's sounding shore.
Here, Caledonian Chiefs for health resort,
Confirm their sinews by the manly sport.'

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