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UAMH MHOK or UAMVAR. See Kilmadock.
Uddingston, a thriving town of recent growth
in Bothwell parish, Lanarkshire, near the
right hank of the Clyde, 3J miles NNW of
Hamilton, and 7J ESE of Glasgow. Standing amid
pleasant environs, and commanding a brilliant view
down the valley of the Clyde, it chiefly consists of
modern, well-built houses, occupied by Glasgow mer-
chants, carries on an extensive manufacture of agricul-
tural implements (the ' Wilkie's plough ' dating from
1800), and has a post office, with money order, savings'
bank, and telegraph departments, a branch of the Bank
of Scotland, stations on the Caledonian and North
British railways, gasworks, a public hall, a sessional
school, etc. The Established church, built as a chapel
of ease in 1873 at a cost of over £ 4000, was raised to
quoad sacra parochial status in 1874. It is an Early
English structure, with 850 sittings, and a tower and
spire 100 feet high. The Free church, built in 1876 at
a cost of £3300, contains 500 sittings ; and there are also
a U.P. church (450 sittings), a handsome Early Gothic
Evangelical Union church (1880; cost over £1500;
400), and St John the Baptist's Roman Catholic chapel-
school (1883 ; 600). Two early British urns were dug
up in 1885. Pop. of q. s. parish (1881) 4086 ; of town
(1841) 703, (1861) 1256, (1871) 1997, (1881) 3542, ofwhom
ISIS were females. Houses in town (1881) 673 inha-
bited, 53 vacant, 19 building. — Ord. Sur., sh. 31, 1867.
Uddington. See Douglas.
Udny, a village and a parish of Aberdeenshire.
The village stands 2S3 feet above sea-level and 2J
miles KW of Udny station on the Formartine and
Buchan section (1861) of the Great North of Scot-
land railway, this being 5 miles SSW of Ellon, 8J
N by E of Dyee Junction, and 14J NNW of Aber-
deen, under which there is a post and railway telegraph
office. There is also a branch (1S75) of the Aberdeen
Town and County Bank ; the Formartine Agricultural
Association (1829) holds an annual show of live-stock
at the Green of Udny ; and horse, cattle, and sheep
markets are held at Udny station on the last Thursday
of every month.
The parish, formed in 1597 out of portions of Ellon,
Tarves, Logie-Buchan, and Foveran, is bounded N by
Tarves, E by Ellon, Logie-Buchan, Foveran, and Bel-
helvie, S by New Machar, SW by Fintray, the Banff-
shire (detached) section of New Machar and Keithhall,
and NW by Bourtie and Tarves. Its utmost length,
from N by E to S by W, is 61 miles ; its breadth varies
between 1J and 6§ miles ; and its area is IS square
miles or 11, 554 J acres, of which only 6J are water.
Streams there are none of any size ; but the drainage is
carried eastward and north -eastward to the Ythan by
four or five little rivulets. In the N, at the Mill of
Dumbreck, the surface declines to 83 feet above sea-
level ; and thence it rises very gently to 309 feet at
Newseat, 310 at West Coullie, and 620 at the Change-
hill on the south-western border. Granite, of a pale
greyish hue, has been largely quarried ; and an inferior
limestone was at one time worked. The soil, in most
parts a deep loam incumbent on granite or clay, is here
and there naturally marshy, but has been greatly im-
proved by draining. About one-fifteenth is either
pastoral or waste ; nearly one-thirtieth is under wood ;
and almost all the remainder is in tillage. Udny Castle,
3 furlongs NNE of the village, is a massive three-storied
tower, 46 feet long, 35 broad, and 71 high, with walls
9 feet in thickness. It is supposed to have been
founded about the beginning of the 14th century ; but
a large and handsome addition has been made by the
present proprietor, John Henry Fullarton Udny, Esq.
(b. 1853; sue. 1861), the descendant of a long line of
lairds, who holds 9225 acres in the shire, valued at
£9041, 7s. per annum. The mansions of Pitmedden
and Pitteichie are noticed separately ; and, in all,
10 proprietors hold each an annual value of £500 and
upwards, 6 of between £100 and £500. Udny is in the
presbytery of Ellon and the synod of Aberdeen ; the
living is worth £360. The parish church, built in
1821, contains 750 sittings. There is also a Free
church ; and two public schools, Pitmedden and Udny
Green, with respective accommodation for 125 and 185
children, had (1884) an average attendance of 110 and
81, and grants of £102, 19s. and £67, 18s. Valuation
(1860) £10,063, (1885) £13,840, 16s. lid., plus £998 for
railway. Pop. (1801) 1242, (1831) 1309, (1861) 1668,
(1S71) 1663, (1881) 1638,— On?. Sur.,shs. 77, 87, 1873-76.
Ugie, a river of NE Aberdeenshire, issuing from a
lochlet near Windyheads, in Aberdour parish, withia 3
miles of the N coast, and running 21 miles, generally
in a south-easterly direction, to the sea, 1J mile NW of
the town of Peterhead, on the E coast. It runs, in its
upper stretches, through Aberdour, Tyrie, the detached
district of Aberdour, and Strichen ; it next divides
Strichen and Lonmay, on its left bank, from New Deer
and Longside on its right ; and it finally passes through
Longside, and between St Fergus and Peterhead, to the
sea. Its chief tributary, the Water of Deer or South
Ugie Water, which joins it in Longside, has a course of
16J miles, and almost contests the palm of being the
parent stream. The Ugie is navigable for about 1£
mile from its mouth ; and, as its lower course is slow
and smooth, it might easily, and at a small expense, he
rendered navigable for 6 or 8 miles. — Ord. Sur., shs. 87,
97, 1876.
Uie or Eye. See Knock.
Uig, a Hebridean parish of Ross-shire, whose church
stands near the W coast of Lewis, 34 miles W by S of
the post-town, Stornoway. The parish comprehends
the Flannax Isles, the islands of Beenera, Mealista,
and Paba, with some smaller islands, but consists
mainly of the district of Uig proper and part of the
district of Carloway or Callerxish on the mainland
of Lewis. The district of Uig-proper is bounded N by
the ocean and Carloway, E by Stornoway, SE by Lochs,
S by Harris and Loch Resart, and W by the ocean. Its
utmost length, from NE to SW, is 22J miles ; its utmost
breadth is 17J miles ; and its area is 211f square miles
or 135,471-113 acres, of which 10, 107 -312 "are water
and 2568 '965 foreshore. The north-western division of
Uig proper is cut into a labyrinth of islands and penin-
sulas by the numerous and intricate ramifications of
Loch Roag. A large and comparatively little indented
peninsula between that sea-loch and Loch Resart forms
the south-western division, and sends out two prominent
headlands, the most westerly ground in the island.
Between these promontories, the more northerly of
which bears the name of Gallon Head, and which are 3
miles asunder, occurs the Bay of Uig, the most import-
ant bay in the parish. This bay penetrates the interior
to the extent of 3J miles, and has a mean breadth of
about 1 mile ; and while quite exposed, over 2 miles of
its extent, to the tremendous westerly gales and surges
of the Atlantic, it afterwards suddenly contracts, and
then shoots out into a series of sheltered creeks. Fresh-
water lakes are very numerous in most parts of the
interior, and reflect from their surface the brown, bleak
features of dismal moors. The only noticeable one is
Loch Langabhat (SJ miles x 7 furlongs), chiefly on the
boundary with the aptly-named conterminous parish of
Lochs. The lakes, excepting this one, rarely attain 6
miles in circumference ; they abound with small trout ;
and, owing to the moorishness of the grounds which
their feeders drain, their water has a brownish colour.
There are four rivulets in which a few salmon are
caught. The seas and bays on the coast abound with
cod, ling, dog-fish, coal-fish, and most kinds of shell-
fish, and are frequented by English vessels for supplies
of lobsters. Mealasbhal (1750 feet) is the highest of
several hills that exceed 1500 feet above sea-level; but
the parish generally, though loftier, as a whole, than
any other in Lewis, exhibits, throughout the interior,

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