Science & natural history

A Scots buik on the plague

Scotland's first printed medical book (1568), written in Scots. Learn the history of the plague in Scotland. Downloadable learning activities

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Delve into the first 10 editions of 'Encyclopaedia Britannica', published from 1771 to 1903.

John Francis Campbell of Islay

Journals, watercolours and sketches by Gaelic folklorist, artist, traveller, and scientist John Francis Campbell (1821 to 1885)

Medical history of British India

Search 426 volumes of rare official documents recording disease prevention and public health in India in the 19th and 20th centuries

Scottish Science Hall of Fame

A tribute to 10 great Scottish scientists of the past. Read transcripts of letters, papers and published works about or by them

The Moir Rare Book Collection

Learn about John William Moir's collection of rare books on all aspects of bees and beekeeping, including how bees 'sing'!