William Dunbar: The Golden Targe   (Page 11 of 12)

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(p.99)For rede it semyt that the raynbow brak.
Wyth spirit affrayde apon my fete I sprent
Amang the clewis so carefull was the crak

And as I did awake of my sueving
The ioyfull birdis merily did syng
For myrth of phebus tender bemes schene
Suete war. the vapouris soft the morowing
Halesum the vale depaynt wyth flouris ying
The air attemperit sobir and amene
In quhite and rede was all the felde besene
Throu naturis nobil fresch anamalyng
In mirthfull may of ewiry moneth quene

O reuerend Chaucere rose of rethoris all
As in oure tong and flour imperiall
That raise in britane ewir quho redis ryt
Thou beris of makaris the tryumph riall
Thy frech anamalit termes celicall
This mater coud illumynit haue full bryt
Was thou noucht of oure inglisch all the lyt Surmounting ewiry tong terrestriall
Alls fer as mayes morow dois mydnycht.

O morall Gower / and ludgate laureate
your sugurit lippis and tongis aureate
Bene to oure eris cause of grete delyte
your angel mouthis most mellifluate
Oure rude langage has clere illumynate
And fair our gilt oure spech that imperfyte
Stude or your goldyn pennis schupe to write
This Ile before was bare and desolate
Off rethorike. or lusty fresch endyte