William Dunbar: The Golden Targe   (Page 8 of 12)

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(p.96) Than come resoun with schelde of golde so clere
In plate and maille as mars armypotent
Defendit me / that nobil cheuallere

Syne tender youth come wyth hir virgyns ying
Grene innocence / and schamefull abaising.
And quaking drede wyth humble obedience
The goldyn targe harmyt thay no thing
Curage in thame was noucht begonne to spring
Full sore thay dred to done a violence
Suete womanhede I saw cum in presence.
Of artilye a warld sche did in bring
Seruit wyth ladyes full of reuerence

Sche led wyth hir nurture and lawlynes
Contenence / pacience / gude fame & stedfastnes
Discrecioun gentrise and considerance
Leuefull company & honest besynes
Benigne luke / mylde chere & sobirnes
All thir bure ganyeis to do me greuance
Bot resoun bure the targe wyth sik constance
Thair scharp assayes mycht do no dures
To me for all thair aufull ordynance

Wnto the pres persewit hie degree
Hir folowit ay estate and dignitee
Comparisoun honour and noble array
Will wantonnes renoun and libertee<
Richesse fredome and eke nobilite
Wit ye thay did thair baner hye display
A cloud of arowis as hayle schour lousit thay
And schot quhill wastit was thair artilye
Syne went abak reboytit of thair pray