William Dunbar: The Golden Targe   (Page 6 of 12)

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(p.94) Full lustily thir ladyes all in fere
Enterit within this park of most plesere
Quhare that I lay our helit wyth leuis ronk
The mery foulis blisfullest of chere
Salust nature me thoucht on thair manere
And ewiry blome on branch and eke on bonk
Opnyt and spred thair balmy leuis donk
Full low enclynyng to thair quene so clere
Quham of thair noble norising thay thonk.

Syne to dame Flora on the samyn wyse
Thay / saluse and thay thank a thousand syse
And to dame Wenus lufis mychti quene
Thay sang ballettis in lufe as was the gyse
With amourouse notis lusty to devise
As thay that had lufe in thair hertis grene
Thair hony throtis opnyt fro the splene
With werblis suete did perse the hevinly skyes
Quhill loud resownyt the firmament serene

Ane othir court thare saw I consequent
Cupide the king wyth bow in hand ybent
And dredefull arowis grundyn scharp & square
Thare saw I mars the god armypoten
Aufull and sterne. strong and corpolent
Thare saw I crabbit Saturn ald & haire
His luke was lyke for to perturb the aire
Thare was Mercurius wise and eloquent
Of rethorike that fand the flouris faire

Thare was the gode of gardingis priapus
Thare was the god of wildernes phanus.
And Ianus god of entree delytable