William Dunbar: The Golden Targe   (Page 5 of 12)

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(p93). Thair bryt hairis hang gleting on the strandisdis
In tressis clere wyppit wyth goldyn thredis
With pappis quhite / and mydlis small as wandis

Discriue I wald bot quho coud wele endyte
How all the feldis wyth thai lilies quhite
Depaynt war bryt quhilk to the hevyn did glete
Noucht thou omer als fair as thou coud wryte
For all thine ornate stilis so perfyte
Nor yit thou Tullius / quhois lippis suete.
Off rethorike did in to termes flete
your aureate tongis both bene all to lyte
For to compile that paradise complete

Thare saw I nature / and venus quene & quene
The fresch aurora / and lady Flora schene
Iuno Appollo / and Proserpyna
Dyane the goddesse chaste of woddis grene
My lady Cleo that help of makaris bene
Thetes Pallas / and prudent Minerua
Fair feynit fortune / and lemand lucina
Thir mychti quenis in crounis myt be sene
Wyth bemys blith bricht as lucifera

Thare saw I may. of myrthfull monethis quene
Betuix Aprile / and Iune hir sistir schene
Within the gardyng walking vp & doune
Quham of / the foulis gladdith all bedene
Scho was full tender in hir yeris grene
Thare saw I nature present hir a goune
Rich to behald and nobil of renoune
Off ewiry hew vnder the hevin that bene
Depaynt and broud be gude proporcioun