Eglamour with Balade   (Page 35 of 36)

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(p.87) In arteas vp thai raff
All at lykyng passyt the see
The Erll of arteas in a kyrnell stude
Saw gentill men to lande yeid
And knyghtis till hors can dryffe
Fra he herde of sir eglemore
He fell oute of a castell toure
And brake his neke belyffe
A messynger went agayne to tell
Quhat awnteris yt thare befell
With gode may na man stryffe
Thus in arteas ar thai lent
Efter the Emprioure haf thay sent
Till that maryage sa fre.
Quha will cum to the mangery
Dere welcum sall thay be
Syr eglemore to kyrk can ga
Sir degrebell & organatha
That lady bryght on ble
The kyng of israel sayde I sall yhou gyf
Half my lande till I may lif
Bruke weill all efter me
With myrthe this maryage was made
xv. dayis all thare a bade
A mang thir lordis heynde
And syne for suthe as I yhou say
Ilke man tuke his awn way
Quhare yt hym lykyt to leynde
Menstralys war gyffyn gyfftis fre
That thai myght the better be
The baldelyar to dispende