Golagrus and Gawain with John Lydgate: Rhyme without Accord   (Page 1 of 46)

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In the tyme of Arthur as trew men me tald
The king turnit on ane tyde towart tuskane
Hym to seik our ye sey that saiklese wes sald
The syre yat sendis all seill suthly to sane.
With banrentis baronnis and bernis full bald
Biggast of bane and blude bred in britane
Thai walit out werryouris with wapinnis to wald
The gayest grumys on grund with geir yat myt gane
Dukis and digne lordis douchty and deir
Sembillit to his summovne
Renkis of grete renovne         Of gold that wes cleir
Cumly kingis with crovne

Thus the royale can remove with his round tabill
Of all riches maist rike in riall array
Wes neuer fundun on fold but fenzeing or fabill
Ane farayr floure on ane feild of fresch men in fay
Farand on thair stedis stout men and stabill
Mony sterne our the streit stertis on stray
Thair baneris schane with the sone of siluer and sabill
And vthir glemyt as gold and gowlis so gay
Of siluer and saphir schirly yai schane
Ane fair battell on breid
Merkit our ane fair meid         Our fellis in fane

With spurris spedely yai speid

The king faris with his folk our firthis and fellis
Feill dais or he fand of flynd or of fyre
Bot deip dalis bedene dovnis and dellis
Montains and marresse with mony rank myre
Birkin bewis about boggis and wellis
With outin beilding of blis of bern or of byre