Eglamour with Balade   (Page 6 of 36)

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(p.58) In all my lande yt I wate nowow
Oyir befer or ner
Syr he sayde for cherite
Cristabel yhour doghter fre
Quhen sall scho haf a fere
The Erll sayde sa gode me saffe
I knaw na man yt scho will haf
My doghter bryght of ble
Gude sir I yhou pray
I haf yhou seruit thys mony da
ye wyche hyr saf on me
The Erll sayde be goddis payn
Will thou hyr wyn as I the sayn
Witht deidis of armys thre
Thow sall haf my doghter der
And all arteas fer & ner
I halde thar to sayde he
The knyght sayde sa mot I the
At my iornay fayn walde I be
He buskyt & made hym bane
the Erll sayde here bewest
A gyande has a fayr forest
Syk saw I neuer nane
Wyth sypyr treis fair & lang
Hertis rynande thare amang
The fayrest on fute may gane
Sir walde yhe bryng me ane away
Sir knyght than dowrst I hardely say
At yhe hade bene thare
Petyr sayde the knyght than
Gyf he be a cristen man