Eglamour with Balade   (Page 5 of 36)

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(p.57) The gre he wynnis with honour dere
Now help hym gyf thou may
Efter met the lady went
To do hyr fader comaundement
Scho buskis hyr to wende.
With hyr tuke scho madynnis twa
Till his chamur for to ga
And confort has he tane
He talde me & my maydynis heynde
That he walde to the reuer wende
Wyth his halkis ilkane
The Erll buskyt & made hym yhare.
I will wende to se tham fle
For comfort of that knyght
On the morn quhen it was day.
Sir eglemor tuke the way
Till the reuer bryght
The Erll buskyt & made hym yhare.
And bathe thai rade to ye reuare
To se ye sembly syght
All that day thai made gude chere
A wrethe began as yhe may heire
Lang or it was nyght
As thair went hamewart be the way
The knyght can the Erll pra
Sir will yhe me heire
Sir he sayde per my fay
Quhat sa euer yhe to me say
It is me leffe & deire
For the doghtyast knyght art thou