Eglamour with Balade   (Page 1 of 36)

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(p.53) Iesu chryste hevynnis kyng
Grant ws all his blissyng
And bryng ws till his bowir
And gyf tham lystyng that will heir
Of Eldaris that befor ws weir
That liffit in grete honour
I will yow tell of a knyght
That was balde hardy & wygh
And stythe in ilke stour.
Quhare ony deidis of armys weir
The gre he vynnis with honour cleir
And euir in feilde the flowr
In till arteas was he borne
Sa was his fadir hym beforne
Herkyn I will yow say
Quhare dedis of armys war lent
With the Erll is he went
In dern bathe nyght & day
Sir prinsamour the Erll hyght
Sir eglemor thai callit the knyght
Was curtas euir & ay
For the Erldome he hade in halde
Of deidis of armys he was balde
With na man sayis he nay
The Erll has na chylde bot ane
A doghter quhyte as ony bane
That his ayr soulde be
Cristobell is hir name
A fayrar lady of blude & bane
Was neuer in cristynte
Sir eglemor sa hym bare