The Porteous of Nobleness   (Page 5 of 6)

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not to perfeit end his labour passis as at noght And re
manys out of remembrance & yt is atour mesure repreif &
schame / for thair a man tynis his name & his science. &
his gudis incontinent ar tynt & gais to noght. Bot quhay
that with right ordanys & auisis his doingis & to a per=
fit end in treuth & laute perfurnysis tham his gudis than
makis tham to be amendit & ekit And thay yt incontynent
and haisty yeildis tham to fortune yt is to aduersite may
furwith disauow nobilnes sen ye ende in all thingis ma
kis the warkis to be louit. O nobil man thay ar noblis
that dispendis thair body & gudis in treuth & laute / & de=
fendis thair lorde noght lousande ye right knot of thair
faith sen the ende makis all warkis to be louit.

Nobles report your matynis in this buke
And wysely luk ye be not contrefeit
Nor to retrete sen leaute seikis na nuke
And god forsuke breuily for to treit
All that fals ar and noblis contrefeit.

Heir endis the porteous of noblenes translatit out of
anche in scottis be Maistir Androw Cadiou Impren
t in ye southt gait of Edinburgh be Walter Chepman
Androw Millar the .xx. dai of aperile the yhere of god
.CCCCC. & viii. yheris.