Golagrus and Gawain with John Lydgate: Rhyme without Accord   (Page 43 of 46)

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(p.49) Balade
Thingis in kynde desyris thingis lyke
Bot discontrair hatis ewiry thing
Sauf onely mankinde can nevir wele lyke
Bot gif he haue a latiouse lyving
Fleschly desyre and gastely nurisching
In till a persone all samyn to be wrought
Water & fyre togeder in kyndelyng
It may wele ryme Bot it accordis nought

A man at one for to serue lordis twayn
The quhilk be bath contrair in opynioun
To plese thame bath & purches no disdayn
Talk with that ane / and with the tothir rowne
Be trew to both with out tuich of tresoun
Tell hym of hym the thing yt newir was wrought
To bring all this to gude conclusioun
It may wele ryme / bot id accordis nought

To haue a gall clepit a gentill dow
To be my frende / and geve me false counsaill
To brek my hede & syne put on a ho
To be a preste and formest in bataill
To ly in bed. and strang castell assaill
To be a marchand quhare na gude my be bought
to haue a trew wyf / with a wantoun taile
It may wele ryme bot it accordis nought

To be of no connyng & knaw the herbe
To carp langage yt none may vndir stonde