Golagrus and Gawain with John Lydgate: Rhyme without Accord   (Page 42 of 46)

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(p.48) Thair schir gavvane the gay throu requiring
Gart ye souerane him self semely on saill
Cary to ye castel cleirly to behald
With all ye vvourthy yt vvere
Erll duke and douch spere      That blyth vvar & baldld
Baith banrent and bachilere

Quhen ye semely souerane vves set in ye saill
It vves selcouth to se the seir seruice
Wynis vvisly in vvane vvent full grete vvaill
Amang the pryncis in place peirles to price
It vvar teir for to tel treuly in tail
To ony vvy in this vvarld vvourthy I vvise
With reualing and reuay all the oulk hale
Also rachis can ryn vndir the wod rise
On ye riche riuer of rone ryot thai maid
And syne on ye nynte day
The renkis rial of array      With outin mare baide
Bownyt hame thair way

Quhen the ryal Roy maist of renoune
With al his reuerend rout wes reddy to ryde
The king cumly with kith wes crochit with croune
To schir gologras ye gay said gudly yt tyde
Heir mak I the reward as I haue resoune
Before their senyeouris in sight semely beside
As tuiching ye temporalite in toure and in toune
In firth forest and fell and woddis so wide
I mak releisching of yin allegiance
But dreid I sall ye warand
Baith be sey and be land       With outin distance
Fre as I the first fand