The Porteous of Nobleness   (Page 3 of 6)

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And scarsnes interditis nobilite / gud deid is sic that god
will yt it be reuardit Heirfor be larges the gud departis
cummis again Gud deid tinis neuer it self in na tyme bot
sa mekill as it dois redoundis agan to his maistir for lar
ges beris ye standard vpon all rentis that is the techar of
all vertues in this warlde O nobill man ye riche man yt
lattis honour for expensis / gudis faillies hym & all schift
in hym confoundis Be larges the hertis of men ar sene
and vndirstande yt is ye techer of all vertuis in this warlde

The leuynt vertu in nobill man is sobirnes

QWhen gud desire that intendis to ascend and cum to
hyght puttis the thoght to cum to honour than
Sulde ane man haulde and reul hym sobirly and eschev
distemperance of wyne & heit that turnys gud avise in fo=
ly greuis strenth / dois wrang / and hurtis ye natur trou
blis the peace movis discord / and levis all thing vnper=
fite Bot quhay yt will draw sobirnes to hym scho is hel
plie of litill applesit help of the wittis wache to hele ke
per of ye body and contynewal lynthare of ye lif / for to
excesse thair may neuir cum gud nor profit nor body nor
lif is neuir the bettir And sa it tynis all maner continen
ce / voce / aynd / lythenes and coloure A gluton all way
has sum seiknes or sorow he is heuy fat and foule his lif
schortis & his ded approchis Thair is na man yt beualis
or menys a man gif he dravis him noght to sobirnes as
scho yt all man plesis / help of the wittis wache of ye hele
keper of the body and lynthar of the lif and he that can
reule his mouth that is vschare to ye hert / how sulde he
cum to knawlege to haue guyding of gret thingis / gluto
ny all way leuys hie honour & graithis allanerly dede to