William Dunbar: The Tua Mariit Wemen and the Wedo (pp.177-188 in the volume) with William Dunbar: Lament for the Makars (pp.189-191 in the volume) with William Dunbar: Kynd Kittok (p.192 in the volume) with William Dunbar: The Testament of Mr Andro Kennedy (pp.193-196 in the volume)   (Page 19 of 20)

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(p.195) My fenzening and my fals wynyng
Relinquo falsis fratribus
For yat is goddis awne bidding
Dispersit dedit pauperibus.
For menis saulis yai say yai sing
Mencientes pro muneribus
Now god gif yaim ane euill ending
Pro suis prauis operibus
To iok fule my foly fre
Llego post corpus sepultum
In faith i am mair fule yan he.
licet ostendit bonum vultum
Of corne and catall gold and fe
Ipse habet walde multum
And zit he bleris my lordis E
Fingendo cum fore stultum.
to master iohne clerk syne
do et lego intime
Goddis malisone and myne
Ipse est causa mortis mee
war i a dog and he a swyne.
Multi mirantur super me
Bot i suld ger that lurdane quhryne
Scribendo dentes sine de.
Residuum omnium bonorum.
For to dispone my lord sall haif
Cum tutela puerorum
Ade kytte and all ye laif
In faith i will na langar raif.
Pro sepultura ordino
On ye new gys sa god me saif
Non sicut more solito.
In die mee sepulture
I will nane haif bot our avne gyng
Et duos rusticos de rure