William Dunbar: The Tua Mariit Wemen and the Wedo (pp.177-188 in the volume) with William Dunbar: Lament for the Makars (pp.189-191 in the volume) with William Dunbar: Kynd Kittok (p.192 in the volume) with William Dunbar: The Testament of Mr Andro Kennedy (pp.193-196 in the volume)   (Page 3 of 20)

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(p.179) He has bene lychour so lang quhill lost is his natur.
his lwme is vaxit larbar et lyis in to swoune.
wes neuer sugeorne wer set na one that snaill tyrit
For efter vii oulkis rest it will nought rap anys
He has bene waistit apone wemen or he me wif chesit.
And in adultre in my tyme i haif him tane oft
And zit he is als brankand with bonet one syde.
And blenkand to ye brichtest that in ye burgh duellis
Alse curtly of his clething et kemmyng of his haris.
As he that is mare valzeand in venus chalmer
He semys to be sumthing worth that syphyr in bour
He lukis as he wald luffit be yoght he be litill of valour.
He dois as dotit dog that damys one all bussis.
And liftis his leg apone loft yoght he nought list pische
He has a luke without lust et lif witghout curage
He has a forme without force et fessoun but vertu.
And fair wordis but effecc all fruster of dedis
He is for ladyis in luf a right lusty schadow.
Bot in to derne at ye deid he salbe drup fundin
He ralis et makes repet with ryatus wordis
Ay rvsing him of his radis et rageing in chalmer.
Bot god wait quhat i think quhen he so thra spekis.
And how it settis him so syde to sege of sic materis
Bot gif him self of sum evin myght ane say amang yaim
Bot he nought ane is bot nane of naturis possessoris
Scho that has ane auld man nought all is begylit
He is at venus werkis na war na he semys
I wend i iosit a geme et i haif geit gottin
He had ye glemyng of gold et wes bot glase fundin
Thought men be ferse wele i fynd fra falze yer curage
Thar is bot eldnyng or anger yer hertis within:
ze speik of berdis one bewch of blise may yai sing
That one sanct valentynis day ar vacandis ilk zer.
Hed i yat plesand prevelege to part quhen me likit.
To change et ay to cheise agane yan chastite adew.