William Dunbar: The Tua Mariit Wemen and the Wedo (pp.177-188 in the volume) with William Dunbar: Lament for the Makars (pp.189-191 in the volume) with William Dunbar: Kynd Kittok (p.192 in the volume) with William Dunbar: The Testament of Mr Andro Kennedy (pp.193-196 in the volume)   (Page 2 of 20)

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(p.178) A govn of engranyt claith right gaily furrit.
A ring with a ryall stane or oyer riche iowell.
Or rest of his rousty raid yoght he wer rede wod
For all ye buddis of iohne blunt quhen he abone clymis.
Me think ye baid deir aboucht sa bawth ar his werkis
And yus i sell him solace yoght i it sour think
Fra sic a syre god zow saif my sueit sisteris deir.
Quhen that ye semely had said hir sentence to end.
Than all yai leuch apon loft with latis full mery
And raucht ye cop round about full off riche wynis
And ralzeit lang or yai wald rest with ryatus speche
The wedo ye toyir wlonk warpit yer wordis.
Now fair sister fallis zow but fenzing to tell.
Sen man ferst with matermony zow men[s]kit in kirk.
How haif ze farne be zour faith confese ws ye treuth.
That band to blise or to ban quhilk zow best thinkis.
Or how ze like lif to leid in to lell spousage
And syne my self ze exeme one ye samyn wise
An i sall say furth ye south dissymyland no word
The plesand said i protest ye treuth gif i schaw
That of zour toungis ze be traist ye toyir twa grantit
With yat sprang vp hir spreit be a spane hechar.
To speik quoth scho i sall nought spar yer is no spy neir.
I sall a ragment reveil fra rute of my hert
A roust that is sa rankild quhill risis my stomok
Now sall ye byle all out brist that beild has so lang.
For it to beir one my breist wes berdin our hevy.
I sall ye venome devoid with a vent large
And me assuage of ye swalme that suellit wes gret
My husband wes a hur maister ye hugeast in erd
Tharfor i hait him with my hert sa help me our lord
He is a zoung man ryght zaip bot nought in zouth flouris
For he is fadit full far et feblit of strenth
He wes as flurising fresche within yis few zeris.
Bot he is falzeid full far et fulzeid in labour.