William Dunbar: The Ballade of Lord Bernard Stewart   (Page 1 of 8)

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(p.169) The ballade of ane right noble victorius & myghty
lord Barnard stewart lord of Aubigny erle of Beau=
mont roger and bonaffre consaloure and chamerlane or=
dinare to the maist hee maist excellent & maist crystyn prin
ce Loys king of france knyght of his ordoure Capi=
tane of the kepyng of his body Conquereur of Naplis
and vmquhile constable general of the same Compilit
be Maistir Willyam dumbar at the said lordis cumyng to
Edinburghe in Scotland send in ane ryght excellent em=
bassat fra the said maist crystin king to our maist Sou=
uerane lord and victorius prince James the ferde kyng
of Scottis.