Robert Henryson: Orpheus and Eurydice with Robert Henryson: The Want of Wise Men   (Page 19 of 20)

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(p.167) For warldly wyn sik walkis quhen wysar wynkis
Wit takis na worschip sik is the auenture
Sen want of wyse men makis fulis to sitt on binkis.

Now but defense ryt lyis all desolate
Ryt na resoun vnder na rufe has rest
youth his but raddour & age is obstynate
Myt but mercy the pore ar all opprest
Lerit folk suld tech the peple of the best
Thouch lare be lytill fer lesse in tham sinkis
It may noucht be this warld ay thus suld lest
That want of wyse men makis fulis sitt on binkis

For now is exilde all ald noble corage
Lautee lufe and liberalitee
Now is stabilitee fundyn in na stage
Nor degest counsele wyth sad maturitee
Peas is away all in perplexitee
Prudence and policy ar banyst our al brinkis
This warlde is ver sa may it callit be.
That want of vise men makis fulis sitt on bynkis

Quhare is the balance of iust & equitee
Nothir meryt is preisit na punyst is trespas.
All ledis lyvis lawles at libertee
Noucht reulit be reson mare than ox or asse
Gude faith is flemyt vvorthin fraellar than glas
Trevv lufe is lorne. & lautee haldis no lynkis
Sik gouuernance I call noucht vvorth a fasse
Sen vvant of vvise men makis fulis sitt on binkis

O lord of lordis god & gouuernour
Makar & movar bath of mare & lesse