Robert Henryson: Orpheus and Eurydice with Robert Henryson: The Want of Wise Men   (Page 17 of 20)

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(p.165) And in the nyt slepe soundly may thai nouchtht
To gader gere sa gredy is thair thoucht
Bot quhen that resoun and intelligence
Playis apon the harp of eloquence
That is to say. gottyn with grete laboure
Kepit with drede / and tynt is with doloure
This auarice be grace quha vnder stude
I trow suld leve thair grete solicitude
And Ithand thouchtis / and thair besynes
To gader golde and syne lyve in distres
Bot he suld drink ineuch quhen ewir hym list
Of couatise / and slake the birnand thrist
This Theseus lay nailit on the bent
And wyth the grype his bowellis ryvin and rent
Quhill he lyvit sett his entencioun
To fynd the craft of diuinacioun
And lerit it vnto the spamen all
To tell before sik thingis as walde fall
Quhat lyf / quhat dede / quhat destyny & werde
Previdit were to ewery man in erde
Apollo than for his abusioun
Quhilk is the god of diuinacioun
For he vsurpit in his facultee
Put hym till hell / and thare remanis he
Bot Orpheus has won Erudices
Quhen oure desire wyth resoun makis pes
And sekis vp to contemplacioun
Off syn detestand the abusioun
Bot ilk man suld be war & wisely see
That he bakwart cast noucht in myndis ee
Gevand consent / and dilectatioun
Off wardly lust for the affectioun
For than gois bakwart to the syn agayn