Robert Henryson: Orpheus and Eurydice with Robert Henryson: The Want of Wise Men   (Page 6 of 20)

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(p.154) Quhen he hir saw. he knelit and said thus
Wate ye noucht wele. I am your avin trewe knyt
In lufe nane lelare than sir Orpheus
And ye of lufe goddesse / and most of myt
Off my lady help me to get a sicht
For suth quod scho. ye mon seke nethir mare
Than fra venus he tuke his leve but mare

To mercury but tary is he gone
Quhilk callit is the god of eloquence
Bot of his wyf thare. knaulage gat he none
Wyth wofull hert than passit he doune fro thens
Wnto the mone he maid na residence
Thus fra the hevyn he went doune to the erde
yit by the way sum melody he lerde

In his passage amang the planetis all.
He herd a hevynly melody. and sounde Passing all instrumentis musicall.
Causid by rollyng of the speris rounde
Quhilk armony throu all this mappamounde
Quhilk moving cesse vnyt perpetuall
Quhilk of this warld pluto the saul can call

Thare lerit he tonys proportionate
As duplar triplar and emetricus
Enoleus and eke the quadruplate
Epodyus ryt hard and curius
And of thir sex suete and dilicius
Ryght consonant / fyve hevynly symphonyis
Componyt ar / as clerkis can deuise

First dyatesseron full suete I wis