William Dunbar: The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy with Robert Henryson: The Praise of Age with Device, Prowess and eke Humility   (Page 3 of 12)

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(p.139) It lyis closit in a clout on seland cost
Sik reule gerris the be seruit wyth cald rost
And sitt vnsoupit oft bezond the sey
Criant caritas at duris amore dei
Barefut brekeles and all in duddis vpdost
Deulbere has not ado wyth a dunbar
The erl of murray bure that surname ryght
That euyr trew to the king and constant ware
And of that kyn come dunbar of westfelde knyght
That successione is hardy wyse and wycht
And has na thing ado now wyth the deuile
Bot deulbere is thy kyn and kennis the wele
And has in hell for thee a chaumir dicht
Cursit croapand craw I sall ger crop thy tong
And thou sall cry cor mundum on thy kneis
Duerch I sall dyng the quhill thou dryte and dong
And thou sal lik thy lippis & suere thou leis
I sall degrade the graceles of thy greis
Scaile the for scorne and shere the of the scule
Ger round the hede transforme the till a fule
And syne wyth tresone trone the to the treis
Raw mowit ribald renegate rehatour
My linage and fore bearis war ay lele
It cumis of kynde to the to be a traytoure
To ryde on nyt to rug to reue and stele
Quhare thou puttis poysoun to me I appelle
The in that part preue it pelour wyth thy persone
Clame not to clergy I defy the gersone
Thou sall by it dere wyth me doerche & thou dele
In ingland oule suld be thyne habitacione
Homage to Edward langschankis maid thy kyn
In dunbar thai ressauit hym the false nacione