Golagrus and Gawain with John Lydgate: Rhyme without Accord   (Page 7 of 46)

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(p.13) I may refresch yow vvith folk to feght gif you nedis
With thretty thousand tald and traistfully tight
Of wise wourthy and wight in thair vvere wedis
Baith with birny and brand to strenth you ful stright
Weill stuffit in steill on thair stout stedis
Than said king arthur hym self seymly be sight
Sic frendschip I hald fair that forssis thair dedis.
Thi kyndnes salbe quyt as I am trew knight
Than thay buskit to the bynke beirnis of the best.
The king crovnit with gold.
Dukis deir to behold       Gladit his gest
Allyns the banrent bold

Thair myght seruice be sene with segis in saill.
Thoght all selcought war soght fra the son to the see
Wynis went within ye wane maist wourthy to vaill.
In coupis of cleir gold brichtest of blee
It war full teir for to tell treuly in taill
The seir courssis that war set in that semblee
The meriest war menskit on mete at the maill.
With menstralis myrth fully makand thame glee.
Thus thay solaist thame selvin suthly to say
Al thay four dais to end
The king thankit the heynd       And went on his way
Syne tuke his leve for to wend

Thus refreschit he his folk in grete fusioun
With outin wanting in waill wastell or wyne
Thai turssit vp tentis and turnit of toun
The roy with his round tabill richest of ryne
Thay drive on the da deir be dalis & doun
And of the nobillest be name noumerit of nyne