John Lydgate: The Complaint of the Black Knight with When by Divine Deliberation   (Page 3 of 28)

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(p.111) In may quhen Flora the fresche lusty quene
the suyl hath cladde in redde quhyte grene aright
And phebus gan to shedde his stremes shene
Ă€mydde the bule with all his bemes bright
And Lucifere to chace avey the nyght
Ayene the morow or orisent hath take
To bidde loueris out of thare slepe awake.

And hertes hevy for to reconfort
Frome dreryhede and hevy nychtes sorow.
Nature badde hym rise and disport
Ayene the gudely gladde gray morow
And hope with seynt Ihone to borow
Badde in despite of dangere and dispare
For to tak the holesum lusty aire

And wyth a siche I gan to abreide
Out of my slombre and sodaynly vp stert
As he allace that neigh for sorow deid
My seknes satt ay so neigh my hert
Bot for to fynd succoure of my smert
Or at the leste sum relesche of my peyne
That me so sore held in ewiry veyne

I rose anone and thought I wolde gone
In to the wodde to here the birddes syng
Quhen that the mysty vapoure was al gone
And clere and feire was the dawing
The dew alsso like silvir in shynyng
Wpon the leues as any balme suete
Til fyre Tytan with his persant hete.

Hadde dryet vp the lusty licoure new