Golagrus and Gawain with John Lydgate: Rhyme without Accord   (Page 5 of 46)

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(p.11) Schir gawyne gais furth the gait yt graithit wes gay
The quhilk that held to the hall heyndly to se
than wes the syre in the saill with renkis of array
And blith birdis hym about that bright wes of ble
Wourthy schir gawyne went on his way
Sobirly the souerane salust has he
I am send to your self ane charge for to say
Fra cumly Arthur the king cortesse and fre
Quhilk prays for his saik and your gentrice
That he might cum this toun till
To by vittale at will      Payand the price.
Alse deir as segis will sell.

Than said the syre of the saill and the souerane
I will na vittale be sauld your senyeour vntill
That Is at your avne vvill said wourthy gawane
to mak you lord of your avne me think it grete skill
Than right gudly that grome ansuerit agane
Quhy I tell the this taill tak tent now thair till
Pase on thi purpos furth to the plane
For all the wyis I weild ar at his avne will
How to luge and to leynd and in my land lent
Gif I sauld hym his awin
It war wrang to be knawin      Baldly on bent
Than war I wourthy to be drawin

Thare come ane laithles leid air to this place
With ane girdill ourgilt and vthir light gere.
It kythit be his cognisance ane knight that he wes
Bot he wes ladlike of laitis and light of his fere
The verray cause of his come I knew noght the cace
Bot wondirly wraighly he wroght and all as of were